Rope light figure orders

Many people have asked where we get all the rope light figures which we use in our display.  We actually make them.  After years of making these figures we have gotten pretty good at it.  We design them, weld them then attach the rope light.  We are considering making figures for people on request.  We can actually make anything anyone can draw.  Our current display includes:

Nativity scene, dragon, dinosaur with baby, train, castle, gingerbread house, gingerbread men on tampoline, motorcycle and santa stuck in the chimney, soldiers and melting snowman.

In order to consider if this is something we want to do and if there is an interest I am putting up this page.

Please fill out the information below if interested in and if there is enough interest we will start this small business.  Let us know what type of figure you would like and even attach a photo of what you want made if you have one.