Our Cam


Where are you now my precious son?

Are you working hard or is there fun?

Do you miss your earthly home at all

Or was your death a direct call?


Did your Father need you and call you away,

Did He know you might go farther astray?

Away from the Heavenly plan for you.

Didn’t He trust us to see you through?


There’s a void in our lives that can never be filled,

We know you were loaned to us by the Father’s will.

We knew that the day would come we would part,

But nothing prepared us for the pain in our heart.


The terrible pain that just never lets go,

The aching loss that only we know.

Would that a glimpse no matter how wee,

Could be given to us so we could see.


If you’re contented and happy where now you reside,

Beyond our reach on the Heavenly side.

Oh, for a look or a fleeting touch,

Or just a feeling, that’s not asking too much.


It’s hard to let go and let faith be our guide,

Till we meet again on the other side.



June 9 1998

He lived his life with speed and joy, Our Harley Davidson man.

He was a wonderful man and boy,

Our Harley Davidson man.

He loved and lived life full and free,

The child we loved but now can’t see,

Our Harley Davidson man.

He was friends to everyone he knew,

The young and old no matter who,

Our Harley Davidson man.

He loved helping others this was a true fact,

And as far as friends go there was never a lack,

Our Harley Davidson man.


He tried to show a tough guys role,

But inside this man beat a heart of gold.

He tried everything from the sky to the deep,

But no matter what, he would land on his feet.


His passions were his bike and truck,

His Harleys seemed to bring him luck.

Till one bright day when out with friends,

His life though not his fault did end.

His death a senseless tragedy,

Always remembered by you and me.

Now he resides above the blue,

With loved ones and friends that he once knew.

And those he left behind on earth,

Though sad can’t help but smile with mirth.

We’re sure he’ll try if permission is given,

To get some Harleys into Heaven.

Our Harley Davidson man.



April 23rd, 1999

You’ve a Birthday today my wonderful son,

But you’re too far away so it won’t be much fun.

We’ve only the memories to help us go on,

This keeps us going from sunrise to dawn.


It hasn’t been good since you went away,

There aren’t many smiles or moments of play.

There is sadness and tears and an ache in our heart,

That’s been there since we were forced to part.


Now today we remember your 35th year,

We all would have celebrated if you had been here.

But all we have left are the memories and pain,

To hold dear and alive until we meet again.


Happy Birthday son we love you.!!!!!!!!

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