When God created women when the world began,

He knew they would be needed to minister to man.

He gave them special qualities and great amounts of love,

He knew this would be needed when He sent them from above.

A large dose of compassion and and patience would be their’s

To help and lift each other overcome the daily cares.

He knew they needed guidance to find those who needed love,

He then formed a great society directly from above.

A special place to call there own as Sister’s they would be.

He said it should be called by name, Relief Society.

Here they could learn the many skills to bless there families,

And draw within their circle all who from life would flee.

To help and lift each other is the role that each would chose,

Finding those who needed help and not one soul they,d lose.

They knew the only way to fight the loneliness and fear,

Would be to stick together and keep close all that’s dear.

As daughters of a loving Father they spread their love abroad,

They visit and help each sister hold to the iron rod.

It doesn’t matter where you journey in this world so vast,

There will be another sister to help if you but ask.

Sisters are special women sent from up above,

Ambassadors of a Father sent to teach the world to love.

So sisters help each other to be loving kind and true,

The world will be a better place because of me and you.


The Plan

December 1998

Long ago and far above there came a wondrous plan,

The Father there devised a way to bring salvation to man.

He had a Son A beloved Son who He would send to earth,

To be born to a lovely virgin who would give the Savior birth.

When He was born a star so bright shone in the Heaven’s above,

And heralded throughout the land the Father’s special love.

Mary the mother and Joseph looked on the manger where He lay,

They wondered and they marveled at the roll they were to play.

To the shepherds on the hillside the Angels told of the birth,

Their songs reached out across the sky falling to the earth.

The shepherds hurried to the place the new born Christ Child lay,

Upon their knees they fell their homage there to pay.

The star alerted Wisemen who traveled from the east,

To find the blessed Christ Child, oh what a Heavenly feast.

To manhood He grew and started out to teach the Father’s Plan,

All who heard His words and followed Him marveled at this man.

He taught the multitudes His truths and healed the sick and blind,

There was never anyone else on earth who was so good and kind.

Because He was a perfect man, the only one on earth,

His destiny was clearly set from His time of birth.

To take upon the worldly sins of such as you and me,

So someday with our Father above we would surely be.




Life begins at forty or so the saying goes

But who’s life, where life, what life,

Goodness only knows.


Your hair gets thin if you’re a man,

Your middle starts to spread.

You find you’re spending much more time

Reclining on the bed.


You can’t work quite as quickly

As when you were a lad.

And your memory heaven help you,

Is really getting bad.


Yes life begins at forty

Or so the experts say,

But I will stay at thirty nine,

Until my dying day.



proud.gif (25702 bytes)O CANADA?proud.gif (25702 bytes)

O Canada our home and native land,

But now we’re told how our flag can fly

Nor on Parliaments desktops stand.

Where is the Patriotism of those this country lead?

Are they so afraid to fulfill their rolls?

Or is it simply greed?


It’s we the people they represent who pay them generously

But do they care what we really want?

No,they act so childishly.

They’re so afraid to rock the boat or step on someone’s toes,

Especially the Separatist Party but why only Heaven knows.

So let them go we don’t want them here,

Get them out before it’s too late.

We could learn a lot about unity from our neighbors to the South,

Their Patriotism is really strong ,

They’re not scared to open their mouths.


No matter where down South you go,

The’re flags so proudly fly

There monuments are many and grand,

They bring a tear to the eye.

What’s wrong with us in Canada?

Are we not proud of our land?

Should we stand by while this goes on?

And just bury our heads in the sand.

Do we not mean it when we sing

We stand on guard for thee?

But leave the future of Canada,

With those who refuse to see.

O Canada our home and native land

Don’t you think the time has come,

For all to take a stand.

For those who don’t want Canada,

Forget it let them go.

So we can support this land of ours




Written in High School

You are just a little alley cat

Lonesome all alone.

Just a little alley cat,

You haven’t got a home.


Not a soul to feed you,

And pet you while you eat.

Haven’t got a cheery fireside,

With a little girl at your feet.


No one to call you in ,

When it’s snowing hard.

Just a bunch of old tin cans,

In someone’s old backyard.



Heaven on earth the poets say ,

Is really not so far away.

You search the world from near to far,

Yet only find it where you are.


The kind of heaven you will find,

Depends on you and human kind.

You can make it good or even bad,

Your life can be happy or equally sad.


Many search their whole lives through,

But never find that life so true.

No, heaven is not so far away,

It doesn’t take you many a day.

There is no reason for you to roam,

You’ll find it in your own sweet home.

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