Life is too short for grumbles and groans,

Life is too short for complaining and moans,

Life should be lived without sadness and sighs,

Life should be lived under bright blue skies.

So when things get tough as of course they will do,

A smile on your face will carry you through.

The bad times and good to everyone come,

But you can still smile don’t always look glum.

There’s always some one who is worse off than you,

Everyone has some problem they need to work through.

So don’t sit around like a toy on a shelf,

Get out and help others and you’ll help yourself. .



March 30 1998

Which way am I going? I really don’t know,

Said the little old lady as she trudged through the snow.

The weather is dreadful oh woe upon woe,

I’m cold and I’m wet and have nowhere to go.

A little gray rabbit came hopping along,

He was on his way home and was singing a song.

He saw the old lady not moving so strong,

So he hopped to her side to help her along.


Oh little old lady he quietly said,

Do you not have a small warm bed

Where out of the cold you may safely go?

To get away from all the snow.

Oh Mr. Rabbit I’m so lost and alone,

I can’t find a place to call my home.

My house has burned down and my children are gone,

There is no one to help me to keep me from harm.

The rabbit looked up with a tear in his eye,

To the little old lady he gave a small cry.

With me you can come and your home mine will be,

With my family to help you, you’re welcome you’ll see.


So the little gray rabbit with lady in tow,

Set off for his home yet a long way to go.

They tramped and they tramped over hill over dale,

The rabbit said not far and flicked his wee tail.

The little old lady did wonder just when,

The two would arrive at the small rabbits den.

How could she fit in a place very small?

When she knew goodness gracious that she’d be too tall.

But they kept on a moving till finally she spied,

A pretty white cottage set in a hillside.

With smoke in the chimney and children at play,

She felt she’d come home at the end of the day.


The little gray rabbit hopped up to the door,

He entered the house and sat on the floor.

The little old lady walked in where he sat,

When another sweet lady asked what she was at.

Then telling her story of sadness and woe,

That she was alone and had nowhere to go.

The sweet dear young lady whose cottage it was,

Saw that to help was a very good cause.

So they lived all together the rabbit plus four,

The little old lady was happy once more.



March 15th,1986


They started out that fateful day

Like others who have paved the way.

The seven walked out to their ship,

With great excitement on each lip


The astronauts though brave and true,

Were just a little worried too.

The weary waits and delayed starts,

Put a touch of fear in each brave heart.


At last the final countdown came,

The day was clear no sign of rain.

With many loved ones looking on,

They climbed aboard and soon were gone.


The countdown ended, rockets roared.

And up into the clouds they soared.

The cheers went up, then all was still

While unbelieving eyes so filled with horror,

Beheld such a sight,

That will be with them day and night.


A great explosion filled the sky

And many watched their loved ones die.

They will not be forgotten,

From such as you and me


For many of us were present ,

And saw the tragedy.

Now those who follow in there steps,

Must even braver be.


So seven did not die in vain,

In the country of the free.






I know that spring is coming I feel it in my heart,

The stores are full of Easter gifts for every shoppers cart.

The children shed their heavy wraps as they go out to play,

Their shouts are heard so loud and clear on every sunnyday.The little seeds that were asleep now stir beneath the ground,

They push their tiny sleepy heads toward the sun so round.

The birds are coming back again from lands of warmer clime,

To see the Robins everywhere let”s you know it’s time.

The sun is brighter warmer too as it moves across the sky.

It’s rays are very soft andwarm it uplifts you and I.

I know that spring is almost here the trees are turning green,

The early flowers lift their heads all beauty can be seen.




There is a special time of year,

That swells your heart with love and cheer.

A time for newness and rebirth,

That spreads abroad throughout the earth.


It makes the young ones kick their heels,

The older folk smile at their peels

Of laughter ringing far and wide,

It’s really great to be outside.


The budding trees in blossom gay,

Spread their perfume throughout the day.

The sleeping flowers raise their heads,

To decorate the flower beds.


The birds return from far away,

Their nests to build, their eggs to lay.

The springtime smells are all around,

From the topmost tree to the lowest ground.

The whole earth comes alive to sing,

To herald what we know as spring.

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