April 27th,1998

I have a father somewhere, a son said one fine day,

And I will find him if I can, he’ll want me to I pray.

So a search was started to find this man who fifty long years ago,

Had fathered a son and lost that son like the thaw of April snow.

Was he alive and would he want to be found by his son?

With patience he would have to wait although it wasn’t fun.

The search began and one early morn the telephone rang clear,

This is your dad, Is this my son? then both men shed a tear.


From that point on a love renewed gave joy to dad and son,

To find a brand new family was wonderful and fun.

The father and his lovely wife made his heart swell with joy,

He felt like he’d gone back again to when he was a boy.

The brothers and the sister and the families that were there,

Accepted him and showed him love and that they really care.

The visits and the letters helped to keep this love alive,

They learned about each other and how each one had survived.

Now as the fathers natal day is drawing very near,

He wishes him a happy life throughout the coming year.

And may your wishes all come true in each and every way,

With friends and family gathered there to celebrate your day.

So I’ll add my wishes on my own

Because it was I who wrote this poem.





Did you ever lay on a summer’s day,

And watch the clouds sail by?

Or find a seashell along the beach,

Or hear the ocean sigh?


Have you ever marveled at colors seen

All around you everywhere?

And wondered just what marvelous plan,

Had hung the stars in the air?


Can you see the world through the eyes of a child

As she runs through the meadows green?

And lay on the walk and watch for hours,

Till the little ants can be seen.


How have you felt when the cooling rain,

Comes after a scorching day?

And you see the rainbow stretched over the sky

When the dark clouds drift away.


There are wonders of nature where ever you look,

In the air or on the ground.

And the air is filled from morn till night,

With myriad’s of lovely sounds.


There are millions of colors spread over the land

As far as the eye can see.

In every flower and meadow and field,

And every bush and tree.


This world we live in is vast and great

And beautiful everywhere.

It was put here for everyone to enjoy,

And nurture with loving care.


Do you ever sit and wonder how

This great world came to be?

And why it was placed in this vast universe

For someone like you and me?



Courage my son and don’t forget,

That God is with you in every step.

For Him you go in a righteous cause,

Teaching His sacred and Holy Laws.


There are souls our there waiting to hear

The message you carry of faith and prayer.

Of a god who dwells in the heaven above,

And rules the world with a spirit of love.


Forget all worries and earthly care,

And put your faith in the message you bear.

You’ll bring much love to those you meet,

This joy will make your life complete.


 A Goal Is Won

When you were small you said to me,

“A doctor I will surely be.

It will be long, it will take time,

To reach this special goal of mine.

And I will study hard and pray,

That I will manage it someday.”


He studied hard and studied long,

He disciplined himself so strong.

Through youthful years he never wavered,

To reach the profession that he favored.


His mind and heart were set and strong,

Onto the pathway he belonged.

The great day came his goal was won,

Our pride was great in this our son.


He’d set a goal he knew was long,

But straight as an arrow he has gone.

The end in sight now he can see,

For by his name is an MD.



A special boy was sent one day,

To bless our home in every way.

A gifted child with flashing eyes,

We didn’t know you were so wise.

A dark and curly headed son,

A brother to our straight blond one.

What a special child they’d say,

He’ll really make you proud some day.

You grew in stature and we soon knew,

What a blessed gift was given you.

Your mind was sharp and keen to know,

What made things work and how things grow.

You never missed a day at school,

And really loved the golden rule.

A baby sitter of renown,

That’s what you were in our fair town.

The young folk loved you that’s for sure,

They always called you to the door.

In your studies you excelled,

And honor student was what you held.

You served a mission for the Lord,

And great success was the only word.

The people loved you that’s for sure,

And became rich for the friendship that you bore.

You’re liked by everyone we know,

And held in high esteem.

It goes to show that long ago,

A special boy was seen.

In medicine you would excel,

A lifelong dream fulfilled.

You’ll have a bedside manner ,

That will really fill the bill.

But son we want you just to know,

No matter what you do.

We’ll always love and cherish you,

And be proud of you too.

Now as your birthday rolls around,

Just let our love shine through.

We’re really proud and love you son,

And will the whole year through.



I’m really fed up with the things that go on.

I don’t feel like smiling or humming a song.

The taxes are killing, the government stinks.

I’m sure I’m not far from the edge of the brink.


I can’t afford driving the gas is too high,

The prices for food makes me sit down and cry.

If it wasn’t for garage sales and rummage sales too,

I’d probably look like the destitute do.


Unemployment goes higher, the economies low,

The summer was rainy, I’m dreading the snow.

I’ve raised all my children a long time ago,

But they keep coming back when they run out of dough.


The days go so fast and there’s no time for fun,

I’d like to relax and just sit in the sun.

But there’s too much to do and that is a fact,

So I musn’t complain I just might get the sack.


So I get up each morning and pin on a smile,

And hope that the day might just turn out worthwhile.


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