April 4 1998

He built a car a small cub car to race with hopes to win.

In competition he did well and gave us all a grin.

He followed in his father’s steps this first grandson ,our star,

He did quite well he did excel with his small fast cub car.

The region finals came around excitement filled the air,

He raced his car and won the race and all was done quite fair.

Then to the finals he did go the top ten he could be,

He didn’t make the final ten but sixteenth he would see.

He did his best the finish came he gave a final sigh,

The race he’d run had brought him fun, how proud were you and I

The combination dad and son had built this car so small,

A father and son together won and brought joy to us all.

The father’s thoughts went back in time to a race so long ago,

When another father and small son had built a car too slow.

But though the win was not to be they’d had a real great time,

They’d worked so hard together to make a car so fine.




I felt like I was a kid again as I entered in the gate.

The magic kingdom awaited me and I didn’t want to be late.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse were there with Goofy and Winnie the Pooh,

Snow White and the Sleeping Beauty as well and Pluto was also there too.


There were pirate rides and a tree house to climb,

And a scary haunted house.

A paddle wheeler and a jungle cruise in this land of Mickey Mouse.

There’s small world and storybook pleasures there,

With a mountain ride that will give you a scare.


There are bears that put on a great country show,

And a submarine that will take you below.

There’s a carousel and a dumbo ride,

With a mono rail going round the outside,

Of the Magical Kingdom for all to enjoy,

Every mom and dad every girl and boy.


There are journeys through space in Tomorrowland,

And rockets that shout for the sky.

With a circular stage that moves around as America Sings goes by.

There’s many enchanted scenes to view as you journey happy and free.

In the magical kingdom of Mickey Mouse, it’s a wonderful place to be.



Money is my enemy or lack of it I’d say,

It makes me feel so very down each and every day.

I hate to see the mailman come my bills within his pack,

He leaves them in my mailbox and never once looks back.

I take a little here and there to pay the ones I must,

The others have to wait awhile I hope in me they’ll trust.

I envy those who have enough so they can pay their way,

I would like just enough for me so I could get away.

I want to travel spend some time to see this world of ours.

To visit loved one, friends and such to reach toward the stars. Yes lack of money I could say makes my life very sad,

But someday I hope to have enough so I won’t be so mad.



I am a music teacher Piano is my fame,

I teach the young and old alike,

I’ve built me quite a name.


My students whether young or old

With nervousness will come

There fingers shake but they’re prepared,

Not everyone but some

Each week I listen as they play ,

The tunes they’ve been assigned.

I hear them over and over again,

They reach into my mind.

It’s great to take a fertile mind

And plant the music seeds.

The tiny seeds will sprout and grow,

And fulfill many needs.

They play the classics, marches, pops

There’s such variety.

Music is so widely spread,

It sets the spirit free.

Yes I’m a music teacher,

And proud I am to be.

To help others to love music,

Like my teacher did for me.





July 1998

A world without music oh what a sad place,

Good music can bring bright smile to our face.

Music can make you feel happy and sad,

It can cheer you right up if you’re feeling mad.

The first thing you hear as you wake up each morn,

Is the song of the birds and a new day is born.

The bumble bees buzz to the flowers they fly,

While Cicadas and locusts lift voices on high.


While down at the pond if you listen you’ll here,

The frogs and the toads singing songs loud and clear.

The lazy old bullfrog sings out in the bass,

While the young frogs with their smaller voices keep pace.

Their is music in laughter and children at play,

You can hear it in fields with the men raking hay.

Each car and each truck make their own kind of sound,

There is so much to hear in the sky on the ground.

There are bands that go marching their instruments bright,

Their are midways with rides that will light up the night.

The boats on the water their motors do roar,

And there’s laughter of swimmers who stay on the shore.


Music is everywhere if you just look,

In the falling on rain or a wee gentle brook.

It is up in the sky, it is down in the ground,

And if you will but listen you’ll hear every sound.

A world with out music a sad place to be,

We need to have music for you and for me.

So keep your ears open and let your mind hear,

The wonderful sounds that will bring us much cheer.

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