Dark night, dark thoughts

Shadows in corners of vacant lots.

Sinister sounds of quiet feet

Coming toward you across quiet streets.


Streetlights flicker and cast a weird glow,

Sending their rays out over the snow.

Silent whispers are blown through the air,

People pass by and seem unaware.

Danger is lurking behind the dark trees,

Ready to frighten whoever it sees.

Soon the witching hour arrives,

Bringing about an unpleasant surprise.

People are huddled in terror and fear,

Fearing the darkness that ever creeps near.

When out of the dark that is steeped in fear,

A small ray of light creeps slowly near.

What is this light that can pierce the dark night?

It keeps creeping nearer than goes out of sight

While the sinister shadows become very black,

Making all those about to go scurrying back.

Back to find light wherever they can,

To push back the shadows forever to ban.

Life’s full of shadows and darkness so black,

We’re continually fighting to keep darkness back.




April 10 1998

The hurts just keep coming they don’t seem to stop,

You think life’s ok then you here the bomb drop.

The harder you work to make a good life,

The The quicker you find too much sadness and strife.

There are many around who are worse off than me,

But from worries and hurts you just never break free.

It would be nice if for more than one day,

We could be free from troubles and fray.

To laugh in the sun to forget any woes,

To be happy with friends and not have any foes.

Life is too short to be always cast down,

To go through this life with only a frown.

When the hurts that keep coming are too much to face,

Let’s remember that this life of ours is a race,

A race to the finish is what it will be,

And how it will finish depends on just me.




I received a letter yesterday

From a gal across the sea.

Her letters always cheered me up,

For they meant so much to me.


I waited till they called my name

Then took my mail and sighed.

But when I finished reading it

I know I could have cried.


The letter started out,”Dear John

I love somebody new,

You have been gone much too long,

Now you and I are through.


I put the letter by my bed

And lay there in the dark.

My buddy came in laughing

But my world had fallen apart.


He asked me what my trouble was

And why I felt so blue?

So I told him of the letter,

Just as I have told to you.


So gals please take it easy

On the boy across the sea.

And don’t cause them the heartache,

That my sweetheart has caused me.




April 2oth, 1998

They’re supposed to be family but oh gracious me,

They’re the farthest away that a family can be.

I don’t mean by distance for they are quite close,

They think to be friendly would simply be gross.

If ever we want to discuss family ties

They find many excuses and give us no whys.

Families are special but there’s only a few

Who are lucky enough to have families so true.

Some members feel they’ve been slighted so bad,

So they build a high wall which is really quite sad.

They go through their life with a frown and a stare,

While all of the others to cross them don’t dare.

 Families are special I’m sure you’ll agree

 Without them the world would be lost yes siree.

 So if you have some family who don’t really care,

 Remember a lot can be done with much prayer.

 Then if you have done all you know that you can,

 They are the ones who lose out in the plan. 



There’s a lonely kind of feeling

Felt way down deep inside,

And it doesn’t matter how you try

Your feelings you can’t hide.


There may be lots of people,

All around you everywhere,

But unless they are the special ones

You really couldn’t care.


Until your thoughts and actions

Are attuned with special ones.

It doesn’t matter what you do,

And you feel that you could run.


But running doesn’t take you,

Where you really want to be.

It doesn’t get you anywhere

As far as I can see.


You need to buckle in and fight

To stem that lonely tide.

It doesn’t do you any good

To run away and hide.


There’s one thing that you really need

When loneliness sets in.

It’s love and understanding,

And someone who’ll help you win.

To make you feel a part of them,

Is really all you ask.

Just someone who can help you out,

When life becomes a task.


Then this lonely kind of feeling

That’s felt down deep within,

You’ll find has really gone away,

And now you know you’ll win.

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