The peace, the joy, the love expressed

Within those hallowed rooms,

Was felt by all who entered there,

There was no hint of gloom.


The quiet voices when they speak,

The smiles of radiance bright,

Oh would that I remain there

From morn until the night.


No closer place to Heaven,

Could there be here within.

There’s beauty and tranquility,

And not a hint of sin.


Oh would that I could have those feelings

Walking through the door,

Into the world so dark and cold

Till I return once more.


Hey look at me see what I can do

I can reach the lamp and the flowers too.

I can crawl to the stairs and the cupboards low,

I I can reach up high on my tippy toes.

The kitty cat is no longer safe,

So she runs away to a quiet place.

I can see my mommy coming fast,

So I guess my exploring will not last.

Unless I can hide where she can’t see,

Maybe under the chair, oh goodness me,

I’m stuck , and now she’ll surely come,

Hey maybe if I suck my thumb,

And be real quiet, I don’t know,

Maybe she’ll not see me and go.

Oh well she found me and no she’ll say.

But I’ll be back another day,

To explore the world within my walls,

And chase the kitty through the halls.


I’m learning that my world is grand,

And it’s better now since I learned to stand.



July 12 1998

Why can’t there be any fun in this life?

Why must there be so much turmoil and strife?

Why must we take much more bad then the good?

Why can’t the reasoning be understood?


Why do we cry when it’s more fun to laugh?

Why does it seem we are on the wrong path?

Why do the dark clouds come more than the sun?

Why do we pay the price if we have fun?


Why do we cry from the time we are born?

Why do we have so much reason to mourn?

Why can’t we look on the bright side and smile?

Why can’t we make our own life seem worthwhile?

Why is the question, it’s answers we need,

Why can’t we follow the Holy Ones lead?

Why do we doubt when adversities here?

Why do we always have so much to fear?

The whys just keep coming they don’t seem to stop,

You are spinning so fast just like a small top.

A top that keeps spinning like the world where we live,

A world where it seems we do nothing but give.

Again we ask why when someone we love,

Start to have fun then ends up up above.

We also ask why when we read in the news,

The stories they print that they think will amuse.


It’s just human nature that makes us ask why,

We don’t always get answers but still we must try,

To search for the answers so happy we’ll be,

I hope there are answers for you and for me.


Why do I try when I know I will fall?

Why as a mother did I miss the call?

Why as a wife do I fall very short?

Why do I feel like a toad with a wart?

It seems that no matter how hard that I try,

I can’t seem to do any good, don’t know why.

I failed with my kids and I really tried hard,

To be the great mother not some tub of lard.

My life as a wife isn’t great that’s for sure,

I’m surprised I haven’t been thrown out the door.

When talents were given they passed me right by,

Again I must ask myself, Why do I try?

Why do I try to show patience and love,

Why do I follow the teachings above?

When will I learn that I’m not very smart?

When is the time to mend a shattered heart?

There are so many whys running round in my head,

Sometimes I think I’d be better off dead.

But who’s to say dying will the answer be?

Could it be much worse than the person that’s me?

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