April 20th, 1998

They’re supposed to be family but oh gracious me,

They’re the farthest away that a family can be.

I don’t mean by distance for they are quite close,

They think to be friendly would simply be gross.

If ever we want to discuss family ties

They find many excuses and give us no whys.

Families are special but there’s only a few

Who are lucky enough to have families so true.

Some members feel they’ve been slighted so bad,

So they build a high wall which is really quite sad.

They go through their life with a frown and a stare,

While all of the others to cross them don’t dare.

Families are special I’m sure you’ll agree,

Without them the world would be lost yes siree.

So if you have some family who don’t really care,

Remember a lot can be done with much prayer.

Then if you have done all you know that you can,

They are the ones who lose out in the plan.


 Our Neighbors (Bob and Dianne)

 October 1998

 The people who live to the West of our home,

Have the manners and ways to make anyone moan.

They started out friendly and nice as can be,

But that didn’t last as soon you will see.

We talked to our neighbors of the plans we had made,

But the wife disagreed and flew in rage.

A larger and better house would not do,

So she tried and she tried to get us in astew.

They got other neighbors to help with their cause,

Even going so far as to say we broke laws.

They fought really hard but couldn’t stop us,

But now theyre continually causing a fuss.

They stare and call names and complain all the time,

They’re not very nice and they act just like slime.

When we started to build they’d continually complain,

We were restricting their sun and their rain.

The house finally finished and things looked so right,

When the season of cheer rolled around with the lights.

Incensed at our building and now Christmas cheer,

They tried all they could our good name to smear.

Once again to the neighbors they went with the tale,

That the lights should be stopped,but again was no sale.

So with scissor or knife to the lights they did go,

To try and stop if they could the Christmas light show.

But once again it was discovered in time,

The lights went on brightly the carols did chime.

The staring continues but no words are said,

They’re such miserable souls he’s not right in the head.

He sneaks in our yard when no one will know,

To plant flowers and shrubs and write on our window.

He parks on the lawn just me to annoy,

He’s really a jerk and a very bad boy.

We’ve never done anything serious to them,

But her jealous streak makes her really a gem.

So we mind our own business and go our own way,

Hoping that they will move out some fine day.


I’m so sick and tired of watching my weight,

And keeping a journal of things that I ate.

I hate counting calories it’s really not fun,

I want to be able to eat that sweet bun.

My clothes may be tight and my walk not so quick,

But thinking of dieting makes me quite sick.

Within me I know is a slim trim young maid,

Trying hard to appear with out to much aid.

Exercise makes me tired and there’s really not time,

To do bending and stretching to music and rhyme.

I want to be able to eat what I please,

But I don’t like the way in my clothes I must squeeze.

The bathroom scales groan as they see me walk by,

And I swear as I pass them I hear a deep sigh.

I make resolutions to watch what I eat,

But I can’t seem to pass up that very last treat.

Salads and soups are all right for a while,

But it’s candy and cake that will bring on a smile.

I want to be slim and as trim as can be,

Like bikini clad beauties you see on TV.

So I need to count calories and watch what I eat,

And try to pass up that very last treat


The bells rang out that glorious night,

The stars were clear and extra bright.

The wind was still no sound was heard,

It was the Birthday of our Lord.

He came not gowned in royal attire,

But heralded by an Angels Choir.

A tiny baby, a manger bed

Thus laid the Savior’s humble head.

The shepherds heard the Angels sing,

And hastened to the new born king.

The Wisemen from a land so far,

Were following the Heavenly star.

They brought their gifts of love and praise,

To Him of who the star shed rays.

He came to earth to show the way,

How we could live with Him someday.

His life was short from babe to man,

But He fulfilled the Gospel Plan.

He died for us our sins to clear,

A sacrifice so pure and dear.

Can we not do our special part,

To keep

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