April 5 1986


The waves are pounding on the shore from the ocean wild and free.

Water stretches in endless waves as far as the eye can see.

Seagulls and sandpipers run and play along the sandy beach,

And pelicans wait patiently for fish beyond their reach.


Seals and sealions splash and swim like children at their play.

While you and I walk on the beach just before the close of day.

There are shells to be found strewn along the sand,

Brought in by the rolling surf.

And on the horizon there’s many a ship that travels around the earth.


Despite the sound of the pounding waves ,

There’s peace and tranquility there.

There’s also a freshness all around and a salt spray in the air.

You look as far as ever you can where the ocean meets the sky.



It’s then you realize within yourself how small are you and I.

The waves keep pounding on the sand as children romp and play,

While you and I walk on the beach at the closing of the day.



bluejays.gif (2794 bytes)BLUE JAYSbluejays.gif (2794 bytes)

July 1986

The crack of the bat as the ball flies high,

Is the sound you hear as you scan the sky.

The roar of the crowd is a happy noise,

That welcomes the game of the Blue Jay boys.


They’re dressed in blue with the name of a bird,

From Toronto they play and great is the word.

They fight very hard and never give in,

And win or lose there’s always a grin.


Everyone knows these guys are great,

As can be seen as you wait at the gate,

Before each game as the fans crowd in,

To cheer these guys if they lose or win.


Their batting is strong,

Their catching first rate.

Their pitching is hard ,

As the ball clears the plate.


They are favorites among the young and old,

And when you want them the tickets are sold.

No matter how up and down their days,

The fans will support the Toronto Blue Jays.


So keep up their spirits,

Give cheers to their game.

Support them and love them,

And help them to fame.



April 5 1998

They are all so different these children of mine,

Some are like stars that so brightly shine.

Others are dark clouds that shadow our sky,

Make us shake our heads as we wonder why.

Each is so different unique in their way,

They’re each set apart as night is to day. Some can be loving gentle and kind,

While others may need a good smack behind.

Some are so stubborn you could tear out your hair,

While others their love and their life they do share.

Some go through life with a smile on their face,

They want to excell and win this life’s race.

Then there are those who find fault everywhere,

These are the ones who take patience and care.

As parents our love never changes it’s true,

Sometimes you don’t think that you’ll make it through

But we keep on praying that with patience and love,

And a great deal of help from the One up above.

That all of these children will choose the right way,

But no matter what in our hearts they will stay.


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