March 17,1997

When God created this earth of ours long before you and I,

He gave us mountains, valleys and plains with a covering of bright blue sky.

Deserts and oceans and rivers and streams are all part of His Master Plan,

Flowers and shrubs, grasses and trees were put here especially for man.

The animals came both large and small to bless and fill this land,

From tiniest insect to largest beast the variety simply grand.

Since man was not yet found on earth there was no one to feed the pets,

To water the plants or mow the grass or take the sick to the vets.

So God created a perfect man and from him a wife so true,

Someone to water and plant and prune, someone to tend the zoo.




Our Daughter

One day you came from Heaven above,

To bless our home with a daughter’s love.

The joy we felt could not be told,

It was riches even purer than gold.


Your eyes, your smile, your baby face,

Your little dresses trimmed with lace,

Made Heaven on earth in our humble place.


Your sweetness made your brothers smile,

And helped to make their lives worthwhile.

Oh would that you would always be,

The woman we will want to see.




Little One, If you could only really know,

How very much we love you so.

To feel your tiny baby arms,

And see your special baby charms.


You have been sent from up above,

To bless us with your gentle love.

To know a few short hours ago,

You dwelt in Heaven’s home, not low,

But high above the shining clouds,

Up there with all the many crowds

Of spirits, waiting just like you

To find the gate and journey through.


I’m glad you came , you are the one

Appointed for our first born son,

Who just like you came to the earth,

To bless our home with love and mirth.

The joy you brought into our lives,

Was like the sun through cloudy skies.


We pray each day to God above,

To thank Him for His tender love.

In sending us a child like you,

Gives us the strength to see you through.

To help your parents show the way

For you to live with Him someday.





Goodnight my love I must leave you now,

I can no longer stay.

The sun is sinking slowly down

And I must be away, to lands of fantasy and dreams,

Where I can rest my weary soul until another day.

But I will see you when I wake,

To greet the day once more.

And we can climb the highest peak,

Or walk the lowest shore.

Together or apart no mind,

For you will plainly see.

We’re destined to walk hand in hand,

Throughout eternity.

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